Key health & safety documents

Key documents

For successful health and safety management and compliance

The UCA Health, Safety & Wellbeing Planning Cycle provides an overview of the key dates for inspections, committee meetings and audit.

  • Health and Safety Inspections are due to be completed by each Department and Faculty at least twice per year (October and April). High risk areas require an additional Inspection in January.
  • The Annual Health and Safety Audit takes place during January and March. 
  • The Campus Operations Groups happen every 6-8 weeks and the Estates' & Facilities Health, Safety & Wellbeing  Committee meetings take place three times per year.  All of which report to the University Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee.

Download a copy of this year's Health, Safety & Wellbeing Planning Cycle.

The University's Health, Safety & Wellbeing Action Plan provides an overview of the University's key areas of work for the current year.

It is reviewed three times per year by the University Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee.

The University Health, Safety & Wellbeing Action Plan for 2017/18 is coming soon. 

Download the Staff Health and Safety Handbook - a 'one stop shop' guidance booklet for staff on health and safety at UCA.

Download the Health and Safety FAQs - a summary of the most common health and safety questions and queries.