Useful forms

Please find below a list of the most requested health and safety forms used at UCA.

  • DSE Self-Assessment form (Workstation Assessment form)

    Download the DSE Procedure or the DSE Assessment Form only.

  • Incident Reporting form

    All University incidents and accidents should be reported.

    Whether it be a near miss, an incident of threatening behaviour (verbal or physical), an incident requiring first aid or a more serious accident, the Incident Report Form should be completed.

    For any kind of incident, it is important that an investigation takes place, this could be a simple conversation with the injured person, or for more serious accidents - an investigation by the Health and Safety Manager. Either way, an investigation should help to prevent recurrence.

    There are a number of instances where we are required by law; to report an accident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These circumstances include:

    • Death: If there is an accident connected with work and your employee, or self-employed person working on the premises, or a member of the public is killed we must notify the enforcing authority without delay.
    • A major injury: (eg: a fracture, penetrating eye injury, amputation etc).
    • An employee accident which leads to their absence for more than 7 days
    • Where an employee is in hospital for more than 24 hours.
    • When a member of public (student) is taken to hospital from our site.
    • Certain reportable diseases and dangerous occurrences.

    Full guidance can be obtained from the HSE website.

    If you are in any doubt, please contact the Health and Safety ext. 2657 or a Senior Manager on campus. 

    Download the Incident Report form.

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Inspection forms

    Health, Safety and Wellbeing Inspections should be undertaken for all areas in October and April, high risk areas (such as workshops) are subject to an additional inspection in January.

    The HS&W Inspection process is essential for:

    • Managers to understand the current health and safety standards within their areas of responsibility
    • Monitoring that health and safety emerging issues are identified and taken forward
    • To identify any areas for improvement
    • To inform the Faculty or Department H&S budget setting process.

    Each Department and Faculty shall inform their respective Campus Operations Group or the Estates & Facilities Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee of:

    • The completion of any HS&W inspections 
    • Any significant findings; medium or high risk issues. 

    Also see:

  • Risk Assessment

    Frequently used risk assessment forms

    • The Risk Assessment Matrix will help you to identify the likelihood, severity and overall risk rating for your activity or process.
    • The Generic Risk Assessment Form is a basic risk assessment template which can be applied to almost any area or activities requiring an assessment.
    • The Process Risk Assessment Form is specifically designed to risk assess studio and workshop activities.
    • The Student Work Risk Assessment Form is a risk assessment for students to complete where their project concept presents additional health and safety hazards or where the project involves new processes or materials.
  • Driving on University Business

    Staff who drive on University Business (driving to a location other than your normal base location) must complete the Driver Authorisation Form and confirm car insurance for 'Business Use' is in place. Line Managers will also need to see a copy of the driving license and a valid MOT certificate.


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