ExhibitionHerbert Read Gallery

les insuccès

A project by Mike Halpin.

"As with all experimental programmes there is a potential for failure which is the final element in this creative process. Yet one must ask the question – what is failure? If the final images are different to those anticipated they do not represent failure but are a manifestation of the results observed in the experimental drawing process. Failure in artistic terms has a different currency to other walks of life; as far as this process is concerned it is an identification of the unpredictable developments realised during the creative process. The results are experimental drawings." M.H.

The gallery presents a series of process derived experimental drawings produced by ice, ink, oil, and the atmospheric conditions. The resulting abstract images do not relate to a specific object, but more to thoughts or "noises" of perception. As the ice blocks melts, as the oil mixture spreads across the paper, chance and intentionality are set in competition. 

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