ExhibitionJames Hockey Gallery

The Strange Order of Things

Year 2 Film & Digital Art

Opening Reception: Thursday 16 January, 5-7pm


The Strange Order of Things uses the metaphor of ‘maps’ and/or ‘networks’ to investigate narrative and non-linear ideas that enable experimental approaches to the static or moving image. Exploring the relationship between contemporary art practice and theory and the mass proliferation of new technologies. It critically examines the theoretical and aesthetic debates associated with nascent digital media and their relationship with analogue visual cultures. Entangled in this dialogue is an eclectic range of artworks that challenge topics such as: data politics, emotional proximity, the digital self, homogeneity, the everyday and freedom of expression. Linked by an invisible thread, these artworks communicate how our minds and cultures are all parts of a shared system governed by the complex cartographies between human and machinic assemblages.


Richard Brown
Ben Wray
Katie Eris
Cristina Ene
Karolina Zadroga
Micki Kahlon & Daniela Catita
Isabelle Battley
Fashiel Tamimi
Suriñe Garcia-Pozuelo Iglesias
Madj Eady
Elisha Fall
Ravinn Cooke-Houston
Carrie Boult
Joyal Anthony Dominc
Margarida Dordio
Evie Minker
Elisa Benaggoune
Miranda Darwin
Manon Garnham
Dean Lomas
Heather Tennant
Samantha Mireia
Alex Topic
Mehdi Benali

Image Credit: We Are All Made of Colour - Cristina Ene