ExhibitionHerbert Read Gallery

Immateriality: Possibilities and Experiences

Clare Beattie, Penny Clayden, Chris Day, Roselle Emanuele, Alison McFadden, Anna Falcini, Mike Halpin, Peta Jacobs, Jennie Jewitt-Harris, Denise Jones, Giusy Pirrotta, Hawra Salman, Erin Solomons and Kate Squires.

Organised by the UCA Research Student Conference and Exhibition working group.

The sphere of inter-human relations cannot be conceived any more without considering its environmental and technological aspects. Similarly the research environment today is concerned with a renegotiation of our relationships with both the technosphere and biosphere within our practices, exploring the connections between the living and the object, the machine and the body, the architectural and the social –and experiencing their interdependence. If we take this human dance between materiality and immateriality as a hypothesis, how does it transform our vision of the world? Is there still such a thing as a direct inter-human relation? How can we express our approach to the immaterial through process?

Our hope is to engage in a dialogue with the local scene, which is our research practice, and its cultural frame, to navigate the signs of our cultural histories and make new connections and new maps. Our research practices consist of a huge cloud of data, in multiple forms, from material to knowledge to relationships. It is the co-presence of a human consciousness and a situation, and our question as researchers is: How can this network go beyond the sum of its parts? How can it create new possibilities?

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