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Choreography & The Camera

Digital Film & Screen Arts BA (Hons)

Movement through the filmic frame creates energy, fragments and close ups to stimulate viewers’ imagination. In Choreography & The Camera dance is taken into a variety of locations and through editing, cutting, use of effects and sound design is open to interpretation. Since 2010, our second year Digital Film and Screen Arts BA students have considered the construction of movement and space, and the interaction between body and camera.

Led by Rachel Palmer our students undertake theoretical and practical sessions in which they explore the histories of dance film and consider how the body has been used to communicate. Students analyse dance videos and participate in practical choreographic workshops to equip them with essential knowledge and insight.  Over three days they develop film ideas and are supported to translate these into choreographic tasks. During the final day of the workshop they work with a team of professional dancers then have the skills to create their own dance film.

This exhibition showcases the best work produced for this unit, some first year post production exercises that feature dance and films by students who continued to explore dance film for their final year.

Rosie Gunn

Course Leader - Digital Film & Screen Arts BA

Image Credit: Qualia by Lauren Fox, Laura Thomas & Shahid Abu

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