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UCA Creative Campuses: Maidstone Studios

Each of our UCA campuses has a different personality, defined by the diverse portfolio of courses that each one offers as well as its surroundings. We’ve put together these guides to show you the differences — and celebrate their successes.

If you’re planning on coming to an Open Day at UCA, you might be contemplating which campus of our four main ones to visit — Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham or Rochester. Or you might want to find out more about our smaller, more specialised locations — Maidstone TV Studios and The Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.

Each of our campuses has a different creative identity and each delivers a unique portfolio of courses — although you’ll find that there are a few that feature in different places.

To give you an insight into our campuses’ unique personalities, heritage and history, we’ve put together a guide to each one. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to find at Maidstone TV Studios.

Maidstone TV Studios

Maidstone TV Studios offers the unique opportunity to study television production in the UK’s largest independent TV studio facility — a professional environment that gives students the opportunity to work on high-profile TV shows and network with leading industry professionals.

Campus breakdown

Course: TV Production

Alumni & successes:

Due to the unique nature of the environment students are learning in at Maidstone, they get the unique opportunity to work on current and well-known TV programmes as they go to air, including (but not limited to):

Students have continued on to incredibly successful careers within the industry thanks to the stable stepping stone of Maidstone Studios. Careers of our alumni include Production Assistant at Gogglebox Entertainment and Producer at Times Media Group. Our students work in roles such as screenwriters, researchers, camera assistants and directors.

Students learn in a live studio

Heritage & lifestyle:

Maidstone itself is a vibrant historical town in Kent, 32 miles from London and close to our Rochester campus — where students are welcome to benefit from the library and other resources.

The town provides a dramatic backdrop of castles and historic houses for an excellent selection of activities, from shopping to museums and galleries, events throughout the year and stunning local countryside to explore.

It has a very active, vibrant nightlife that never leaves students lacking in places to go and things to do.

Maidstone is a picturesque town in Kent

Must-see on campus:

The hi-tech facilities and studios on campus are the heart of what makes this location such an incredible place to learn TV Production — there’s no way you would be able to leave without having taken a look.

If you were interested and intrigued by the media and craft courses available at Farnham, our Rochester campus might be worth a look for you, too.