Posthuman Worlds
Year 2 BA Film & Digital Art course

This multidisciplinary exhibition includes short films, 3D graphics, photography, poetry, soundscapes, holograms, photobooks, collages, animation, 3D environments, performance, and sculptures.

Event details

  • 30 January 2023 - 3 March 2023

    10:00-17:00 (GMT)

    Foyer Gallery, UCA Farnham, Falkner Road, Surrey GU9 7DS

Posthuman Worlds

POSTHUMAN WORLDS features works from fifteen Year 2 students on the BA Film & Digital Art course. Each artwork was produced in response to the words ‘Maps’ and/or ‘Networks’. This exhibition includes experimental static and moving image works which address a wide range of themes, including: 

Underwater Landscapes | Cyborgs | Ecofeminism | Memory | Ancient Civilisations | Magic | Surveillance | Posthumanism | Internal Dialogue | Transmasculinity | Surrealism | Deconstruction | Temporality | Sexuality/Desirability/Intimacy | Local Cuisines | Worldbuilding | Futurism | Funghi

Selected Artists: Anna Malceniece, Ben Woodward, Boglarka Bato, BUNNYTEEF, Cameron Wyllie-Summers, Daniella Petalino, Guy Leighton, Jensen Veakins, Josh Bambridge, Kefang Zi, Leila Helena Grillo, Leó Pettik, Nina Knezevic, Sara Bailey, Zifei Li

Contributors (Academic Staff): Smin Smith, Jeremiah Ambrose, Jim Smithyes, Caroline Molloy, Loucia Manopoulou, Dan Hulse, Dann Parry, Adam Thomas, Matt Gibbons

For more information, please visit Digital Art Farnham’s Instagram @uca_digitalart and TikTok @uca_digitalart

Exhibition Artwork: 3D Graphics from Untitled (so far) by Boglarka Bato.

PREVIEW Monday 6 February 5-7pm