Contacts for Equality & Diversity

Contacts for Equality and Diversity matters

Advice and support on any matter relating to Equality and Diversity are available to staff and students at any time. 

UCA is committed to ensuring that every individual is aware of and fully understands their responsibilities for compliance with the Equality and Diversity Policy; this includes any potential breach of the policy as well as being able to raise an individual complaint.

HR Business Partners

The HR Business Partners, based in Farnham and Rochester, are able to offer advice and support to all staff on matters relating to equality and diversity, discrimination, fairness and dignity at work (including Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnerships, Pregnancy & Maternity, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race and/or Religion).

Tracey Williams (Farnham)
Tel: 01252 892944 

Jenny Kennard (Rochester)
Tel: 01634 888642

Assistant Director of HR

The Assistant Director of HR (Gemma Gabriel) is responsible for the following:

  • Development and review of the University's policies and procedures relating to Equality and Diversity
  • Co-ordination of the Equality and Diversity Committee
  • Advice and guidance on new equality legislation
  • Raising staff awareness (e.g. Impact Assessments) through briefings and training
  • Acts as coordinator for matters relating to Bullying and Harassment, and medication.

The Senior Human Resources Business Partner Lara Bell is currently covering Gemma Gabriel's maternity leave. 

Lara Bell (Farnham)
Tel: 01252 892774

HR Director

Angela Fisher
Tel: 01252 892673