ONE is more

ONE® an Orchestra Network for Europe

ONE® is more concentrates on how the classical music sector opens up to digital technologies, questions the concert format, interacts with visual arts and promotes young artists.

The University for the Creative Arts – UCA (Canterbury-UK) working with the 7 partners, Orchestre de Picardie (Amiens-France), Jenaer Philharmonie (Jena-Germany), Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina (Žilina-Slovakia), RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (Ljubljana-Slovenia), Filharmonia Śląska im. Henryka Mikołaja Góreckiego (Katowice-Poland), Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra (Zlín-Czech Republic) and New Symphony Orchestra (Sofia-Bulgaria) are developing innovative and creative interdisciplinary classical music experiences for larger audiences across Europe.

Our project activities

See the fantastic work being created by our UCA students and graduates as part of the project

Visualisation of Sound: Milhaud animation projections

The animation is synchronised live with the music as the orchestra is playing

The Milhaud animation was created by our BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts students and staff from a series of light paintings to accompany live orchestral performances of Darius Milhaud piece “La Création du Monde”. The animation was originally created as part of a previous European project that UCA worked on called the ACT project.

As part of ONE® is more the animation was performed with four of our partner orchestras.


For more information and images from the performances visit the ONE® is more website

or alternatively the Computer Animations Arts ONE® is more blog

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra- animatic film

Students, staff and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) from our BA(Hons) Computer Animation Arts have been working collaboratively to create an animatic film to accompany live performances by ONE® is more partner orchestras of Benjamin Britten’s piece ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’.

Named ‘Red & the Kingdom of Sound’ the film involves a main character Red journeying through the different parts of orchestra in the form of different music districts.

Progress can be viewed on the blog:


Darwinian Orchestra- exhibition and 3D graphic installation

Students from our BA(Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communication and BA(Hons) Illustration & Animation have worked on this activity. Outputs have included an exhibition and the creation of a graphic installation and booklet to accompany performances of the Darwinian Orchestra pieces by ONE® is more partner orchestra across Europe.

  • Darwinian Orchestra Exhibition

    17 October 2016 to 10 November 2016 hosted in the Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury, UK

    The exhibition consisted of:

    • Divje Babe cave: Photograph by student Rosie Panton
    • Composition for Divje Babe Flute: Žiga Stanič: Crack of time 45139 (from Crack of time series). Performed by Ljuben Dimkaroski (tidldibab) and Žiga Stanič (prepared piano). Recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016.
    • Porcelain replica of Divje Babe Flute made by Ljuben Dimkaroski
    • Smartland Divertimento- a smartphone installation piece by GRAME

  • 3D Graphic Installation

    The 3D graphic installation comprising of 44 jigsaw explores the evolution of musical instrumentation through the form of the flute. The work on display spans each extreme of time encompassed in this performance, from a 60,000 year old flute created by an earlier human species to a contemporary ‘choir’ of Smartphones programmed to interact with an audience.

    The works will be displayed at the following performances:

    • 02 February 2017, Théâtre Municipal, Abbeville, France performed by the Orchestre de Picardie
    • 22 February 2018, Jena, Germany performance by the Jenaer Philharmonie
    • March 2018, Žilina, Slovakia performed by the Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina
    • 15 March 2018, Zlín, Czech Republic performance by Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra
    • 13 May 2018, Katowice, Poland performance by Filharmonia Śląska
    • 07 June 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia performance by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
    • September 2018, Paris, France performance by the Orchestre de Picardie
    • September 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria performance by the New Symphony Orchestra

Design a new website for ONE® is more

In June 2016 newly graduated BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communication alumni Zoe Jackson and Luke Jane undertook a two week work placement at the Orchestre de Picardie in Amiens, France. Working with a website developer they implemented their new ONE® is more branding and website design to create a fresh new look for the project website. Visit the ONE® is more website to see Zoe and Luke’s final work.


The ONE® documentaries capture the stories of the project; they show the journey's of the musicians, artists and audiences involved in the project.