Asymptomatic Testing


Regular Asymptomatic testing is crucial to keeping our campuses and communities safe and to quickly identify any COVID-19 cases. We've set up test collection points at all four UCA campuses and expect everyone in the UCA community to take part in home testing.

It's vital we all take regular Covid-19 tests. Self-testing allows you to do this at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your home. 

To pick up your self-test home kit - which contains three and a half weeks' worth of tests - visit the test collection point located at the Gateway desk in our campus libraries. 

You can find full guidance on how to administer your test by visiting

What's essential is that you log your results continually, even negative results, and you can do this by visiting  

For more information on testing please refer to the FAQs below or if you’re a UCA student find out more on myUCA.

The test kits are for all students and staff. The testing is only for people with no symptoms (asymptomatic). Please do not come to campus if you have symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.   

If you are under 18 you will need consent from your parent or guardian. Please bring the signed Consent Form with you when you collect your test kit. 


You can collect free home test kits from the Gateway desk at your respective campus library. There is no need to book. Each kit contains three and a half weeks' worth of tests. 


Your test kit comes with detailed instructions on how to take a test, which you can also access online: Your step-by-step guide to covid-19 self-testing. This includes details on setting up the test, taking and processing the swab, reading and reporting the results and disposing of the kit.

For instructions in different languages and to watch a video showing the process, head to If you notice your test kit is damaged or broken, please do not use the test kit.

Importantly, you need to log each result at - even negative ones.


Our on-campus asymptomatic testing sites are closed. However, students and staff can collect home testing kits from our on-campus test collection points. 

If you should get a positive result from your home testing kit there are several things you need to do.

First - you must begin self-isolating.

Then, report your results via

Notify us through your Campus Registry:

Finally, you must book a confirmatory PCR test via 119 or

If you take a PCR test within two days of the home test and receive a negative result, you can stop self-isolating. If you receive a positive PCR test you are required to self-isolate immediately and for seven days.

Please do not come to campus if you have symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate. You should follow NHS Test & Trace instructions and get a PCR test. Please report your positive result or self-isolation to Campus Registry and your Programme Director.


Support is available from the university if you need to self-isolate so please get in touch with our Gateway team

For information and advice for international students visit our Coronavirus information for international students, page. 


Lateral flow antigen tests detect the presence or absence of coronavirus by applying a swab to the device’s absorbent pad. Lateral flow devices do not require a laboratory to process the test. Swabbing and processing of these tests will be conducted at home.

The test involves applying a swab to the nose. The sample is processed there and then, and the results are available within 30 minutes. Lateral flow tests are validated technology, they are safe, and if used correctly the results are reliable.