Photography Courses in Clearing 2019

As a student on one of our Photography courses, we’ll encourage you to learn, think, see, create and play. We aim to ignite your passion for photography and provide you with inspiration and experience in this rich and varied discipline.

We have a strong ethos of conducting hands-on work in studio environments, and we provide great opportunities for collaboration – being a specialist creative arts institution. You’ll get to experiment, take risks and use your individuality and flair to become an expert in creating original visual work.

Courses in Clearing 2019

  • BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

    Our BA (Hons) Fashion Photography course at UCA Rochester encourages you to learn, think, and create. We’ll ignite your passion for fashion photography, developing your inspiration and dedication to the discipline.

    More about BA Fashion Photography

  • BA (Hons) Photography | Farnham

    Studying BA (Hons) Photography at our Farnham campus lets you explore a mixture of photographic practices through a range of contemporary and historical contexts.

    More about BA Photography - Farnham

  • BA (Hons) Photography | Farnham - 4 year

    This four-year degree course includes a preparatory year (Year 0), which will give you a focused introduction to photography and film, and help you to develop skills in moving and still image, and in audio production and editing.

    More about BA Photography | 4 Year - Farnham

  • BA (Hons) Photography | Rochester

    On this BA (Hons) Photography course, you will be inspired to learn, think, create and play in new and exciting ways, and to create fresh, exciting and provocative work. Our diverse community of academics, professionals, students and alumni – along with industry-standard facilities and resources – makes this possible.

    More about BA Photography - Rochester

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