Summer Teaching in the Creative Arts

Oxbridge Academic Programs, Oxford, Cambridge or St Andrews (MULTIPLE COURSES)

JOB TITLE: Summer Teaching in the Creative Arts in Oxford, Cambridge or St Andrews (MULTIPLE COURSES) 


For over 30 years Oxbridge Academic Programs has led academic summer programs for high-achieving secondary school students from across the globe. The programs are held in colleges of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and at St Andrews Universities. A wide range of courses is offered, including several in the creative arts. Oxbridge is seeking teachers for these courses. 

Each faculty member teaches Major and Minor classes in a subject. Major classes run from 9.00am until lunchtime each day, including Saturdays. Minor classes run for two hours three afternoons a week. These are separate classes – the Major is a relatively in-depth study of the subject while the Minor is a series of highlights that act as a 'taster'. The emphasis is on having fun in a creative and academic context and engaging the students – so classes include short breaks, activities and debates, time for independent study and to make work in studio, short walking tours and local trips to sites of curricular interest (museums, locations to sketch/photograph/film/etc.). In short, the local environment is used as a tool to inspire, enthuse and excite the students, along with lots of imaginative project work and discussion. It's not about cramming students' heads, but indulging their enjoyment of learning and the arts. Class sizes are relatively small (max 15 students) so the atmosphere is more like that of a seminar. While most teachers lead both a Major section and a Minor section of a course, occasionally courses only run with a Major section or a Minor section and not both. 

Teachers have significant freedom to design their own course, teaching to their own enthusiasms and areas of expertise, with the aim of inspiring and enthusing students for the subject. The goal is to inject enjoyment and passion into every subject, and that means giving faculty members a certain amount of freedom to design and teach a course that they can enjoy presenting to students. Past syllabi are available to appointed teachers and we do ask faculty to make their course relevant to their subject's short course description. These course descriptions, while very brief, do shape students' expectations. All arts courses conclude in an exhibition, or in the case of Filmmaking a viewing of student short films.  

In addition to a salary room and board is available for teachers appointed from outside Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews. 

During summer 2018 the following courses in courses will be offered in the arts:  Animation, Architecture, Creative Writing, Drama, Filmmaking, Journalism, Modern Media, Photography, Screenwriting, Studio Art 

PERSON SPECIFICATION: Applicants should be graduates. A graduate qualification completed or underway is preferred. Applicants should be prepared to instruct their pupils and successfully direct a studio. 

TIMING OF EMPLOYMENT & SCHEDULE: 6 mornings (9am - 12pm) and 3 afternoons (2 - 4pm) per week leading a studio. All positions are for summer 2018 and involve one-month of teaching. Approximate dates of employment for each of the program locations Oxbridge is hiring for: Oxford: June 28 to July 28, Cambridge: July 5 to August 5, St Andrews: June 25 to July 25. 

HOW TO APPLY: The deadline to apply is 15 January 2018. To apply, email a CV and a brief cover letter to: Justin Bangs, Associate Director of Faculty at Candidates should identify in the cover letter the course or courses in which they are interested. Examples of the teacher's own work or lessons with students are welcome, though not required. 

CONTACT:  The contact for these positions is Justin Bangs, the Associate Director of Faculty at Oxbridge Academic Programs –


PAYMENT: £2,200+ In addition to a salary, room and board are provided.  This is for one-month of teaching.

 Position meets national minimum wage legislation.

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