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Creative Arts
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Creative arts run through the core of every-day life – from ground-breaking architecture, the apps on your phone, the music in your playlist and the television you watch, to the art on your walls, the books on your shelf and the clothes in your wardrobe. At UCA, the arts are threaded through everything we do. We live and breathe them.

Why? Because for us, it’s vital that the creative arts are treasured, promoted and sustained through teaching the time-honoured to the cutting edge. Our students deserve the freedom and confidence to fully immerse themselves in their passions and grow both as practitioners and people.

To achieve this, students have access to incredible facilities to create their concepts, from computer-generated art and design to experimental film, and from clay-fired ceramics to hand-weaved textiles. They have access to leading experts both within UCA and across the creative industries. And they’re given the skills to adapt and overcome in the workplace – they are problem-solvers and innovators, ready to take on the challenges of a post-pandemic world with a brave and creative outlook. 

Youngdae Lee, BA (Hons) Film Production
Youngdae Lee, BA (Hons) Film Production

Just looking at the growth of many students, not just me, proves that there are students who love movies with passion in UCA. Looking back on three years, the most important thing I learned at UCA is the discovery of passion and possibility.

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Discover how the arts are embedded in our research centres, from promoting the roles of women within photography, the role of textiles across cultures, and how music can help support patients with dementia.

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