Dr Mingjing Lin

Dr Mingjing Lin

Senior Lecturer in MA Digital Fashion

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Dr Mingjing Lin

Dr Mingjing Lin is a senior lecturer in MA Digital Fashion at UCA. She is responsible for curriculum development, day-to-day management, teaching and research of the MA Digital Fashion programme. Her main teaching contents include CLO 3D, Fashion Gamification, Fashion Metaverse, Parametric Design as well as 3D-printed Fashion and Textiles.

Dr Mingjing Lin


Mingjing also teaches at other institutions such as Kingston University, University of Leeds, Tsinghua University, University of Portsmouth, Istituto Marangoni (London), Ensait Textile Engineering University (France), Beckmans College of Design (Sweden). Besides the formal teaching at these institutions, I have made presentations at various locations worldwide, including Oxford University (UK), Imperial College (UK), V&A Museum (UK), HereEast innovation centre, London Design Festival, Beijing Design Week, and The University of New South Wales (Australia). 

Previously, she obtained a PhD degree from the Textile Department at the Royal College of Art (UK) in 2020. The practice-based research ( investigates body-oriented parametric design and Parametric Thinking 2.0 for 3D-printed fashion and textiles.

As designer and researcher, she was involved EU-funded Horizon 2020 Wear Sustain project: WISP sensual Jewellery in 2017; I co-founded L-UP-L-DOWN studio in 2019 and non-profit UK-China design platform ABOUNDARY since 2015. Her works have been presented internationally since 2011, including V&A museum, London Fashion Week, London Design Festival, Disseny de Barcelona, and National Museum of China.

By adopting the STEAM approach, she has continually probed for creating digital fashion, exploring the possibilities of wearable technology as well as smart textiles, and pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology.



Research statement

Lin's PhD research investigates Body-oriented Parametric Design and Parametric Thinking 2.0 for 3D-printed Fashion and Textiles. It examined how human's hands-on, intuitive and tacit knowledge of fashion and textiles as well as the awareness of the physical human body (body shape, body movement, touch and materiality) can promote the use of 3D printing, 3D modelling and algorithm-based programming.

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy


  • EU Commission Horizon 2020 WearSustain, Co-applicator Project Wisp Sustainable and Digital Jewellery Position: Fashion and Textile Wearable Consultant, August 2017- March 2018, 50 000€. Principal Investigator: Wan Ting Tseng (Design Tutor of Innovation Design Engineering at the RCA)
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Practice-based Research Funding Project Fold-the-Interfashionality: 3D-printed and Smart Pleats for Virtual Performance Position: 3D-printing and Parametric Design Researcher, Nov 2020 - June 2022, 400 000 HKD. Principal Investigator: Research Assistant Professor Tsai-chun Huang
  • Research project Inter-fashionality: the funding was provided by Beijing Fashion Institution and it covers all the costs of 3D printing service, international shipping, exhibition (poster), performance (performer and light designer) and other design-related materials.
  • Research project Fold-the-Interfashionality: the funding was provided by Sinterit 3D printing company and it covers the costs of 3D printing and international shipping. 


  • August 2019
    Women of Wearable Technology (WOW) Nominated as ‘Top 100 Women in Fashion Tech’
  • October 2018, Barcelona (Spain)
    Project Fold-the-Interfashionality won the 2nd prize of the competition Reshape18. Reshape is organised by Noumena in partnership with IN(3d)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions, an event coordinated by the Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona exhibition center).
  • September 2018, Birmingham
    Shortlist-TCT 3D Printing Creative Application Award Finalist 2018
  • 17 May 2018
    London Project Fold-the-Interfashionality was nominated as ‘Best Design and Art Creation of the Year' by3D Printing Award
  • March 2015, Royal College of Art
    IFF International Perfume competition shortlist

Further information

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November 2019, Beijing
Projects Fold-the-Interfashionality and Inter-fashionality were selected for the 5th Arts and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (AS-Helix: The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence), co-organised by the National Museum of China and Tsinghua University.

21-23 September 2018, London Design Festival, London
Samples of the project Fold-the-Interfashionality was presented at the exhibition formed by Burberry Material Futures Research Group and the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre.

9 March 2018, London
Project Fold-the-Interfashionality was presented at e-stitches at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum).

February 2018, Barcelona
Project Textile the Skin was presented at ‘What's Next-Material that will shape the future' exhibition at Disseny de Barcelona.

28 November 2017 – 3 December 2018, Royal College of Art
Solo performance and exhibition Fold-the-Interfashionality: 3D-printed Costume for Beijing Opera.

14-17 November 2017, Frankfurt
Project Fold-the-Interfashionality exhibited at the Formnext 17: International Exhibition and Conference on the Next Generation of Manufacturing Technologies.

27 September 2017, Beijing Fashion Week, Beijing
3D-printed Qipao was selected for the T100 catwalk.

June 2017, Prince Gong Mansion, Beijing
Jinxiu China: Intangible Cultural Heritage Catwalk of Chinese Fashion.

14-23 November 2014, Tsinghua University, Beijing
The Tao of Sustainability-An International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Design.