Marilla Hernandes Jardim

Senior Lecturer of Contextual Studies

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Dr Marilia Hernandes Jardim

Dr Marilia Jardim is a Semiotician and Researcher concentrating on the matter of Communication, Dress, and Decolonisation of Knowledge.

Dr Marilia Hernandes Jardim


MPhil of Communication and Semiotics at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (CPS / PUC-SP) and Doctoral Researcher at the University of Westminster (CAMRI), her academic work combines theories of Communication and Semiotics with Fashion Studies and Post-colonial Theory, concentrating on the matter of interactions between body and objects, or between subjects and other, and the role of such interactions in the construction of social and cultural contexts.

A graduate of Performing Arts, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Researcher in Critical Pedagogy, her academic practice and lecturing are committed to the blending of different theories and methods which aim at encouraging intersections and integration between theory and practice, adopting an approach to HE environments focused on developing interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity that stems from critical practice, while also working to promote the union of Western Epistemologies with non-Western knowledge traditions.

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Research statement

A published author in the fields of Communication, Semiotics, Fashion Theory, Political Theory, and Critical and Creative Pedagogy, her work investigates the relations between body and dress as the cornerstone of social and cultural relations, focusing on the construction of social roles through dress. Since 2014, her independent research focuses on a parallel (rather than binary) understanding of the West and the Orient in their interactions and mutual perceptions, intersecting Semiotics and Post-colonial theory. In Education, her research and practice build on Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy, working on the blending of theories of Education with Philosophy and Semiotics in the construction of innovative approaches of programme design, as well as in the delivery of activities.

Research supervision

A specialist of the French school of Semiotics and Socio-semiotics, qualified in classic theories of Anthropology, Sociology, Post-structuralism, Phenomenology, and Linguistics, her theoretical grasp permits a broad scope of supervisions at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Her research interests comprise Politics and Power Relations; Orientalism; Religion; and Gender.

  • Member of the Socio-semiotics Research Centre (Brazil/France): Researcher
  • (2015) 2014 Best Master Degree Dissertation – PUCSP, CAPES
  • (2014) Communication and Semiotics, Master Degree – PUCSP, 1st
  • (2012) 1st Place – Communication and Semiotics Dissertation Project Scholarship – CAPES, Brazil