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Liam Harrison

Liam is a film sound designer and composer for independent and student films. He is the co-founder and designer for the online digital magazine ‘Night Vision’, and has been producing and mixing drum and bass under the name ‘Enta’ for over 5 years.


Liam is an expert in using digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools for music production and recording, as well as adobe creative cloud software for design.

Liam was a former student of UCA completing the Art and Design Foundation Studies course, specialising in graphic design. He then moved to Bournemouth to study BSc music and sound production, graduating with a first. During his placement year, he worked as a music technician for his university, and is now pursuing a career in higher education. Since graduating, Liam has returned to UCA as a technician supporting the Music Journalism and Music Marketing courses with his technical and creative skills.

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Night Vision Magazine

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Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Education.

Liam Harrison