Professor Gordon Hon

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Professor Gordon Hon

Writer and artist Gordon Hon is a Professorial Fellow at UCA.

Professor Gordon Hon


With a background in Fine Art, having gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting degree at the Liverpool School of Art and an M(Res) in Fine Art from the University of Bedfordshire, Gordon is mainly focused on theory-based research into the political uses of contemporary art.

As a UCA Professorial Fellow, Gordon will continue his research into contemporary Palestinian art, which he has been conducting alongside UCA Vice-Chancellor Bashir Makhoul, for a forthcoming book. He’ll also be assisting students and academics with their theoretical research.

Gordon has written three books so far, and contributed to several different publications. He has curated seven exhibitions, most recently Bashir Makhoul’s The Punishment of Luxury, at the Umm el Fahem Gallery, Palestine/Israel.