Fran Sheldon

Fran Sheldon

Lecturer Fashion Trend Forecasting and Sustainability

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Fran Sheldon

Fran Sheldon is a Fashion Futurist and Educator, with professional experience as a researcher and analyst for the fashion retail industry specialising in fashion technology, trend analysis and sustainable fashion solutions.

Fran Sheldon


Fran holds an MA (Dist) in Fashion Promotion and has taught globally at leading fashion schools in the subjects of trend, and fashion technology.

Fran has provided research and analysis for successful Fashion Revolution campaigns, and more recently as Head of Education at EDITED; designed and launched an online education platform for fashion retail professionals to encourage accurate retailing and data lead decision making. Currently, Fran heads up fashion futures units for the Business School for the Creative Industries and is the UK partner of the ‘Give (back) Credit to the Heritage Communities’ project which seeks to address the pervasiveness of cultural appropriation in the global fashion industry. Fran is professionally recognised as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.