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Conor Kelly

With a background in music and sound, Conor Kelly's visual work deals with and challenges traditional hierarchies and modalities of the sound-image relationship within the moving image.

Conor Kelly


Added to this are elements involving space, site specificity performance and a practice exploring technologies, forms and processes.

Earlier exhibitions involved sound alone as a mechanism for triggering the gaze and as a sculptural material in space. More recently he has developed these concerns using film and video while exploring visual ideas in music theory and considering experimental music concepts in visual ways.

The work often operates in that visual/aural overlap, where the Venn Diagrams of looking and listening are overlapped. Most of his work is time based and its variability in media dimension and duration resolves and is negotiated in context and location.

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Research statement

Research interests

  • The frame
  • Film/video
  • Sound-experiments with space
  • Cinema.

Research degree expertise

Key themes

  • Fine art film, video and sound
  • Installation art involving time based media
  • Musician and composer
  • Experimental music/sound design.

Research supervision

Conor is currently involved as part of the supervisory team for two research students.