Dr Cheryl Qiumei Yu

Dr Cheryl Qiumei Yu

Director of International Development

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Dr Cheryl Qiumei Yu

Dr Cheryl Qiumei Yu joined UCA in 2017 as Director of International Studies, where she established and led the department of International Studies. In 2021, Cheryl took up a secondment position as Director of Internationalisation and she developed the Guidelines of Internationalisation of the Curriculum for the University. In 2021, Cheryl was appointed as the Director of International Development to support the delivery of international strategic projects of the University.

Dr Cheryl Qiumei Yu


Cheryl has previously held the position of Assistant Dean (Academic) at Birmingham Institute of Fashion & Creative Art (BIFCA), Wuhan Textile University (part of Birmingham City University) where she led a team of 30 academics in running 3 creative undergraduate programmes with a student population of over 600. She was also a co-founder of the BIFCA institute. Before this, she also worked at Winchester School of Arts, part of the University of Southampton, and the University of Central Lancashire. As a practitioner, she has extensive experience in developing and running Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships, international marketing and student recruitment and support.

As a senior academic, she also supervises PhD students.

Her PhD research focused on the 'Inequality in Chinese Higher Education and Its Relation to Students' Internal Mobility: A case study of internal movement of art and design university students. As an art director and project manager, she has participated in several international exhibitions, including From Lausanne to Beijing International Fibre Art Biennale in China in 2014 and 2016; the first International Glass Biennale in Shanghai; Archi Biennale in Japan in 2012; artists’ solo/joint exhibitions in Xiamen and Wuhan in 2016/17. Her research interest focuses on the comparative study of art and design higher education between China and the UK; internationalisation of higher education; critical theories and posthumanism. She supervises PhD students in a wide range of subjects, international education, fibre arts, art management, decolonial feminism with a focus on the context of China.

Recent exhibitions and publications:

  • On-going Project: Woldegiorgis, E. and Yu, C. (2023) Critical Reflections on the Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Global South (ed). Bingley: Emerald Publishing.
  • Yu, C., Liu, D. and Waller, S. (2022). ‘Will Chinese Students Stop Coming to the UK? A Push-Pull Analysis among Chinese Graduates from UK’s taught Master’s Programs 20 Year Apart’. Submitted for peer review.
  • Liu, D., Yu, C. and McClean, H. (2023). ‘Positive Psychology in International Student Development’. Submitted for peer review.
  • Yu, C. and Zhang, Y. (2022) ‘Feminist Epistemic Practice of Fibre Arts in Contemporary China. BACS, University of Oxford.
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  • Yu, C. (2016) ‘Creativity Week’. British Consulate-General Wuhan, as part of Wuhan city’s Design Week.

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

  • Advisor, Bureau of Media, Data and Ideology, International Think Tank
  • Maritime Silk Road Art Education Alliance 丝绸之路艺术教育联盟
  • CEIDA 中欧国际设计协会