Dr Caglar Bideci

Dr Caglar Bideci

Lecturer in Business & Marketing

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Dr Caglar Bideci

Dr Caglar Bideci is a Lecturer in Business & Marketing. He has teaching experience design and marketing and is currently working on experience, sustainability, gender issues and alternative hedonism.

Dr Caglar Bideci


Dr Caglar Bideci has a PhD in Business Management from Swansea University. Before joining UCA, he worked at Swansea University and Rabat Business School. Caglar taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and supervised several student projects, including MSc and MPhil theses.

Much of his current works focus on consumer experience and experience design. He is working on sustainability in business and digital marketing and how sustainability can be integrated into the consumer experience within the designing the experience.

His passion is to enhance his research portfolio and develop an interactive and engaging learning environment in business and marketing where students can progress to their highest potential.

Research statement

Caglar is a researcher and lecturer with a solid research background, with strong professional sector experience (10 years) and a high-quality teaching portfolio (5 years) from three different continents and teaching environments. He has published widely in the field of marketing, tourism and sustainable development. He is interested in developing his research in marketing, consumer experience and design; international marketing and business; customer engagement; digital marketing; experiential consumption in popular culture; experience economy; stakeholder theory; systems theory; normative theory; gender issues in marketing; and alternative hedonism.

Recent Publications: