Anne Parisio

Anne Parisio

Senior Lecturer/First Year Unit Leader

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Anne Parisio

Anne joined the UCA as first year unit leader of Digital Film and Screen Arts in 2014. She worked previously in the broadcast industry as an award-winning freelance documentary camera/director, producing high rating films and series for BBC2, BBC Scotland, BBC3, C4, C5, HBO and Arte.

Anne Parisio


Anne graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from the University of Liverpool John Moores. After helping to set up and run the Oxford Filmmakers Workshop for a number of years she returned to postgraduate study at the National Film & TV School in Documentary Direction. She launched her broadcast career by winning a BBC scholarship to direct her first film, RAGING BELLES, which drew six million viewers.

In between broadcast work, Anne worked as a sessional lecturer in film production at a number of universities including AUB and Greenwich and was MA Directing Supervisor at Bournemouth University during the summer of 2014. In addition to being a senior UCA lecturer, Anne teaches and runs a film unit with SEN young people at Stormont House Special School in East London 

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Research statement

Anne has used the documentary form as a mode of enquiry to explore social issues: engaging her camera in the cause of the dispossessed and invisible communities living on the fringes of society.  Subject matter has ranged from criminal justice, mental health, disabled sexuality and social work to a critique on US economic imperialism (A PIGS TALE).  She has achieved 30 broadcast director credits during her 26 year professional career.

Alongside her freelance work Anne runs a production company to initiate and develop authored film projects. Parisio Productions has produced three films for broadcast and numerous short films for criminal justice NGOs.

Since joining the Digital Film and Screen Arts team Anne has returned to her Fine Art roots in a desire to re-invent her documentary practice in a more experimental form. She has negotiated access with Stormont Special School to create an interactive film which portrays the world from the perspective of children with SEN, she is creating an experimental macro time lapse self portrait and developing an underwater film project which examines an early Victorian victim of celebrity.  

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2015)

Selected Directors Filmography:
Awards and Festivals

A PIG'S TALE - Parisio Productions for C4. 1998 British Environmental Media Award for Best Documentary. Best film of the Black Experience Berlin. Best Creole Film Montreal 98

JULIA'S BODY – BBC3 Desirability series. Best of festival San Francisco 2004 Super fest Disability festival.

VERA CAM - BBC3 Desirability series. Wide Angle Media Festival Vancouver 2012, Toronto Projections Disability Film Festival 2012, London Disability Festival 2005, San Francisco 2004 Super fest Disability Festival

FORBIDDEN PLEASURES Toronto Projections Disability Film Festival 2008
THE FAMILY FARM' Celtic Film festival 2007

Selected Shooting Producer/Director Filmography:

Non Broadcast – Criminal Justice/NGOs with PARISIO PRODUCTIONS

2011 - 2014
PEER MENTORING - NACRO x three innovative schemes to combat chronic addiction and youth crime

FREE COLIN NORRISInside Justice campaign

GETTING READY FOR COURT – MENCAP/NACRO for young offenders with learning disabilities


WELCOME TO ST MARK’S – An intimate portrait of young adults with autism and complex disabilities.


2007 - 2012 
Open University/Teachers TV
CHILDHOOD – OU series x 12
TEACHING WITH BAYLEY flagship series for Teachers TV


2014 Camera/Director BBC3 formatted series ‘DON’T DROP THE BABY’
(2 x 30 mins). The stories of clueless dads as they prepare for the birth of their first baby.

2008 Camera/Director - Tigress Productions for Animal Planet/C5
ON THE WILD SIDE (13 x 30 mins). Following Scottish SPCA officers as they investigate alleged animal abuse and rescue wildlife.

2007 Camera/Director - BBC1 Scotland
WHEN DADDY GOES TO JAIL (30 mins). The relationship between children and fathers serving long sentences in a high security prison.    

2005 - 2006 Series Producer and Camera/Director Tern TV for BBC2 Scotland
THE FAMILY FARM (6 x 30 mins). A year in the lives of three small family farms as they battle against the weather and the economic might of supermarkets.

2004 – 2005 Camera/Director BBC Scotland series
THE ENFORCERS (3 x 30 mins). Small town stories of dodgy builders, slippery car salesmen and sellers of counterfeit goods.

2003 – 04 Camera/Director BBC Scotland series
SOCIAL WORKERS (3 x 30 mins). Six months following Child Protection, the emergency out-of-hours-team and a social work centre in the most deprived area of Edinburgh.

2002 Camera/Producer/Director DESIRABILITY series for BBC3
VERA CAM (30 mins) and JULIAS BODY (30 mins). Two remarkable stories of disabled sex workers.

2001 Camera/Producer/Director BBC2/OU CLANS, CONFLICT AND THE MUSIC OF MR PAI MINAI (40 mins). The relationship between landscape and music as seen through the eyes of the Huli tribe in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea

2000 Director - Ardent Productions for C4 FORBIDDEN PLEASURES (52 mins). 
A candid insight into disabled sexuality.

1999 Camera/Producer/Director - Blast! Films for C4, Cutting Edge
LOVING DANGEROUSLY. The stories of two sisters who have grown up in a violent family.

1998 Director - BBC2 /OU - (2 x 40 minutes).
BATTLE FOR CONGRESS. Following the media spin of a closely fought congressional campaign of the 22nd district of California during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

1998 Camera/Director - Blast! Films for C4 Cutting Edge
MUMMYS BOY. A wry look at the relationship between mums and their teenaged sons

1997 Co-Producer/Director with Leah Gordon - Parisio Productions for C4/Arte
A PIG'S TALE (52 mins). A voodoo priest and a Haitian farmer investigate the US AID inflicted pig genocide, which had disastrous consequences for the Haitian poor.

1996 Director - Big Talk Productions C4
TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA with actor Keith Allen (30 mins).

1995 Camera/Director – October Films for C4
NOTHING TO LOSE (52 mins).

1995 Director – Parisio Productions for REAL SEX Warner HBO

1994 Producer/Director - Parisio Productions for C4
IN THE FIRING LINE with Lynda la Plante.

1993 Director - Twenty/Twenty for C4

1993 Director - Twenty Twenty TV for Cutting Edge C4

1992 Director - Middlemarch Films for C4
RUDE WOMEN with Jo Brand (six million viewers).

1991 Director - Twenty Twenty TV for C4 Cutting Edge  

1990 Director – Praxis Films for C4 Cutting Edge

1989 Camera/Director BBC 2 RAGING BELLES (six million viewers).