Policy and governance

A commitment to sustainable development is highlighted in UCA’s Strategic Plan 2013-18. Leadership responsibility for Sustainability is held by the Vice Chancellor (VC) and operational responsibility is held by the Director, Estates & Facilities (E&F).

A working partnership was established in December 2014 between E&F and UCA research centre, The Centre for Sustainable Design® www.cfsd.org.uk based at UCA Farnham to provide strategic advice to support UCA’s Environmental and Social Sustainability Programme. 

In August 2016, a Sustainability Officer was appointed by UCA reporting to the Director of E&F.

UCA’s Environmental & Social Sustainability Policy is reviewed annually and approved by the UCA Leadership Team. Performance against this policy is publicly reported each year in the UCA Environment & Energy Review.

The Environment & Social Sustainability Working Group (ESSWG) was established in 2012 and is responsible for the development, support and monitoring of Environmental and Social Sustainability across the full breadth of the University’s activities.

The ESSWG is composed of representatives from academic and professional service departments and the UCA Students Union. ESSWG meets three times each academic year and since October 2015, has been chaired by the Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design® who works with and reports to the VC on matters arising.

At an operational level Environmental Sustainability is a standing item on the agendas of monthly Campus Operations Group (COG) meetings for each of our four campuses. Academic and Professional Support Staff and Student Representatives attend meetings. 

The University aims to continue to provide the funds and support required to ensure that UCA continues to meet the objectives of its Environmental & Social Sustainability Policy.

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