Postdigital Culture/Postdigital Aesthetics

This webinar will be led by Professor Jan-Noël Thon, presenting his research on the postdigital.

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This seminar presents ongoing research that aims to mobilize the concept of the postdigital to understand the effects of ubiquitous processes of digitalization as well as analyze a certain kind of transmedial aesthetics that is defined by digital media forms remediating, emulating, or simulating the mediality and materiality of nondigital media forms. A particular focus will be on how current indie games employ such a postdigital aesthetics.

About the Speaker

Jan-Noël Thon is Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Art and Media Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Guest Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Media Culture and Theater at the University of Cologne, Germany, and Professorial Fellow in the School of Film, Media and Performing Arts at the University for the Creative Arts, UK. Recent books include From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels (co-edited with Daniel Stein, 2013/²2015), Storyworlds across Media (co-edited with Marie-Laure Ryan, 2014), Game Studies (co-edited with Klaus Sachs-Hombach, 2015), Transmedial Narratology and Contemporary Media Culture (2016/²2018), Subjectivity across Media (co-edited with Maike Sarah Reinerth, 2017/²2019), Comicanalyse (co-authored with Andreas Rauscher, Stephan Packard, Véronique Sina, Lukas R.A. Wilde, and Janina Wildfeuer 2019), and Comics and Videogames (co-edited with Andreas Rauscher and Daniel Stein, 2020).