Summer Competition
Developing an Artist Zine

The Summer Competition focuses on developing an Artist Zine (or zine set) based on one’s own opinion on the theme of irregularity, and how it is personally perceived. You have a choice of imagery and zine type allowing it to be linked to various creative pathways. A few examples are narrative zines linking to illustration or graphic design, lookbook type zines linking to fashion and textiles, or portfolio type zines linking to fine art etc...

The concept of irregularity may mean different things to different people, as such you may like to look at the definitions above, to help guide you. For this competition we want you to develop an artist’s zine or zine set inspired by your own idea of what irregular means.

This could be using any media that you think would suit, linked to your interests. For example if you are interested in illustration you might like to make a children’s story based set. You may also complete this using any media you would like, digital or physical. Though do consider the low-fi collage history of zines when deciding. You may wish to consider a digital design if you are interested in graphic design; or a painted design if you are interested in fine art for example.

There are a few steps you can take to make you design, to ensure it is a high quality art piece. You might want to begin by gathering a series of imagery in a mood board, or taking a look at an artist you find interesting before developing your own design. This can support your making of a visually interesting piece.

Final Outcomes
You will need to submit a finalised zine (or zine set). It would also be great to see the progress of your mini project too! So feel free to include images of your mood boards, or any development created while working. This may support your entry.  If creating a physical zine, ensure you include detailed photos of each page as well as the whole zine.

To see a video explaining the brief, please watch here:

Admission criteria
Our competitions are suitable for young people aged 15 to 18 years old, who have an interest in creative subjects and would like to develop their skills, knowledge and portfolio.

Participants must live in the United Kingdom to enter.