Creative Arts

‘Creativity in Sustainability'

Architecture studios, UCA Canterbury

‘Tabula Plena’ From the Latin, it means working with what’s there rather than wiping the slate clean and starting again (‘Tabula Rasa’)

You will be assessed on your creative process and the clarity of the links from one step to the next.

For more information on the competition Brief, Click here!

When uploading your entry:
One upload per entry (up to 20 MB)
When submitting your entry, if you are submitting multiple images, please ensure these are collated into 1 PDF document.
If your entry is larger than 20 MB, please can you upload a PDF or Word document containing a WeTransfer link to your work. (Please note to use the FREE version)

Admission criteria
Our competitions are suitable for young people aged 15 to 18 years old, who have an interest in creative subjects and would like to develop their skills, knowledge and portfolio.

Participants must live in the United Kingdom to enter.