Christopher Rutter

Chris Rutter

3D Design Pathway Leader

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Chris Rutter

Chris attended Maidstone and Wimbledon Colleges of Art and The City and Guilds of London Art School studying Sculpture and Architectural stone carving and did his M.A. in the School of Architecture at East London University.

Chris Rutter


Since 1995 Chris has worked with long-term collaborator Evelyn Bennett, having had their practice endorsed through support from Arts Council England, The British Council, European Leonardo Fellowships, the McColl Foundation, Cass Sculpture Foundation and the UCA Research Institute for projects in Holland, Germany, Mexico and Cyprus as well as the UK.

He has taught in various Art Colleges and Architecture departments including The Bartlett UCL, University of East London and University for the Creative Arts, University of Kent, Cyprus College of Art and Bauhaus University, Weimar.
Cass Sculpture Foundation
Royal British Society of Sculptors  

Research statement

Chris’s core research interests revolve around the nature collaboration and how ‘process’, in the forms of chance, randomization, rule following and game-playing, improvisation, translation of medium and other methods can mediate some of the contradictions, difficulties and practicalities that might occur in a collaboration.

Within this topic Chris’s interests include –

  • Performance, Sound/music, Poetry and text. 
  • Artists Books.
  • Investigations into the transposition of text and sound using algorithms and the use of chance/random constructs to produce outcomes in a number of media.
  • Textile design and the idea of printed textiles as a vehicle for narrative.
  • 3D Anaglyphs on textiles and sculpture.
  • Wearable Sculpture and the interface between Fashion, Sculpture and Performance.
  • Sculpture, Public Art and Site-Specific work.
  • Investigations into the compositional and formal effects of colour and surface pattern on 3D work.
  • Collage as a medium for collaborative practice.
  • Multi-medial work including the idea of Richard Wagner's 'Gesamtkunstwerk'.
  • As part of Needless Alley Collective investigations into cross-disciplinary work incorporating sound/music, spoken work, visual art and performance have been carried forward in collaborations with 'Collectress' and Rambert Dance Company.
  • Chris also has a longstanding interest in the use of colour in Romanesque architectural sculpture.

Chris is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

Since 1995 Chris Rutter has worked in collaboration with Evelyn Bennett.

2018 UCA and Cyprus College of Art funding for Large 'Travelling Collage' installation in Cyprus.
UCA research grant for collaboration with Aline Helmcke, Bauhaus and Intershopinterdisciplinaire, Leipzig. Devonshire Collective/East Sussex Council funding for exhibition and                                  performance of 'Light Dial 3'.
2017 UCA funding for collaboration with 'Collectress'. 'Light Dial 2'.
UCA funding for exhibition at Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin.
2016 UCA funding for collaboration with 'Collectress' and Rambert Contemporary Dance. (Arts Council funded for other collaborators).
2015/16 UCA funded investigation into collaborative, interdisciplinary performance as part of 'Gunfighter' project. (Wellcome Trust funded for other collaborators). British Council/Arts Council      grant for large scale travelling collage installation at 'Collagistas' Festival, Eindhoven.
2014/15 UCA funded investigation into 3D imagery in textile design, sculpture and performance with exhibition at Herbert Read Gallery UCA.
2012/13 UCA funded investigation into the application of 3D imagery to sculptural surfaces with exhibition at Calais Lace Museum.
2012 European Union Interreg. funding for ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Crysalis’ projects.
2005 Leonardo da Vinci Fellow at Cyprus College of Art.
2004 Arts Council England Award for collaboration with Fabio Gonzales-Calzada, Architect.
1998 South East Arts Major Award towards sculpture show at De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.
1997 South East Arts Direct Support Grant for incorporating digital technology into work.
1995 South East Arts Travel Bursary to Mexico.
1992 Henry Moore Foundation bursary for residency at Portland Sculpture Trust.
1991 McColl Arts Foundation Travel Bursary to Zimbabwe and Tanzania. 
1990 Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors award for carving Westminster Abbey.