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Tracking Shot Preview

Adam Knight 2017
Four UK based British artist used A-Z West as a test site for the production of 14 live broadcast artworks. Over a two-week period, live artworks were broadcast daily from A-Z West to UK subscribers, directly to their desktop/tablet as pop-up windows and the via Field Broadcast’s app.

Light Dial

Evelyn Bennett 2016
Evelyn Bennett, Chris Rutter and Rebecca Waterworth  have been involved in a collaborative project between experimental musicians 'Collectress' and the Rambert Contemporary Dance Company. They created wearable sculptural pieces and costumes for a new piece of work for the series 'In the Making', which was performed at the Rambert performance space in December 2016.  

Monuments of the GDR

This research project is derived from a researched transcript outlining 360 sites of architecture from the German Democratic Republic. It is leading towards a book, to be published by M Books, Weimar, Germany in 2017/18, which will be showcased at fairs and stocked in art+architectural bookstores across Europe.

Inscribing Temporality, Containing Fashion: Otto Dix’s Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber Recontextualized

This journal article (forthcoming in 2018) adds to existing research on Otto Dix and argues that his Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber (1925) should be understood as an intervention in Weimar Modernity’s discourse about fashion, celebrity, and the relevance of painted portraits in an image economy increasingly dominated by photography. 

Collagistas International Collage Festival, Eindhoven, Holland

Evelyn and her artistic collaborator, Chris Rutter, exhibited a large scale collage at the Festival and ran a workshop for members of the Collagistas community and the general public.  This was also partially funded by the British Council.


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