Architecture Research Projects

Exploratory Configurations: the endless maze

SAM McELHINNEY 2017 aims to provide an integrated, high definition software tool for spatial analysis based on isovist mappings of architectural drawings. In due course will also provide a comprehensive guide to the use of the analysis software, the various modes and forms of measure that it offers, and also an archive of data sets for researchers. At present the work is at an early release stage and can be downloaded as a standalone trial app for Mac and PC.


Enthalpy is a measure of energy in a thermodynamic system. This new work, created for the Amsterdam Light Festival was located adjacent to the Hortus Botanicus Garden. Approaching the piece visitors triggered a sensor and a brightly coloured heat-mapped double appeared, mirroring spectator movements. In the absence of direct interaction the work cycled through previously recorded events, presenting a succession of ephemeral endothermic phantoms.

Stoginė aka The Roof House

Kristina Kotov 2016
With the help of volunteers, students of UCA School of Architecture and our local master craftsman @ the Ranch, the spatial uses, locally inherited spare, yet well-dried materials for repairing and maintaining timber buildings became the tectonic matter. The project now captures 2 years - 2 different sets of makers- 1 bay each = 2 bays (eventually 5). Each bay carries translations of their own interests of the vernacular, speed of construction interpreting methods according to their own dialect of fabrication.

Temporal Surface

This research project explored the technological implications and limitations of laser scanning and photogrammetry, specifically in the field of capturing dynamic and fluid surfaces.

Walking the Wood

This project investigated the re-constructive possibilities of a 150+ year old redundant timber barn.  It was dis-mantled, moved and re-assembled 350m north-east, using similarly crafted vernacular detailing and methods to form a new functioning structure in rural Lithuania.

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