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Recent & Forthcoming Publications from UCA Researchers

In Alphabetical Order:

Danny Aldred and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé(eds) Code-X – Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen (bookRoom press 2015)  (£17) Foreword by Alessandro Ludovico and endnotes by John Warwicker.

Camille Baker (Editor), & Kate Sicchio (Editor) Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology (Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies) Dec 2016

Martin Charter, Lucy Chamberlin, Janet Gunter and Simon Kenton, 2016 Share & Repair Guide

Martin Charter & Scott Keiller, The Second Global Survey of Repair Cafés: A Summary of Findings May 2016 A report based on a survey of activities of Repair Cafés worldwide

Martin Charter & Scott Keiller Farnham Repair Café: Survey of Visitors & Volunteers, March 2016 The report highlights findings from a survey completed by The Centre for Sustainable Design into experiences of visitors & volunteers to Farnham Repair Café after its 1st year.

Jessica Kelly (Guest editor) Behind the Scenes: Anonymity and the Hidden Mechanisms of Design and Architecture Architecture and Culture
Vol. 6, Issue no. 1, March 2018

Dominic Lees and M.Sexton ‘Becoming Independent: Distribution After the Multiplex’ in Weinstein, Anna (ed)  Perform: Directing for the Screen, Abingdon: Focal Press - DUE 2017

Michal Miedzinski, Martin Charter, Asel Doranova, Johanna Castel, Laura Roman, Hywel Jones, Eleonora Zobol, July 2016 Updated version of 1st Edition of Eco-innovate! – a practical booklet for Eco-innovators covering business models, product/service development and optimising production processes – now incorporating new content on Circular Economy and innovation.

Terry Newman Legendary Authors & the Clothes They Wore - Harper Collins due June 2017 

Beth Richards, Martin Charter, Zoe Clegg and Scott Keiller Making it Work: A Reuse and Repair Toolkit for your Reuse Organisation, January 2016

Rebecca Skeels Soldering for Jewellers Paperback – 24 Apr 2017

Tijana Stevanović  & Sophie Read Overpainting as Temporal Drag Book of Abstracts p95 - 13th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference - Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies- Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (ed)  Rise with your class not from it -  Working Press: books by and about working class artists 1986 –1996. (bookRoom press 2016)  (£6)

Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Richard Sawdon Smith (ed) The book is alive! (RGAP  2013) (£15)              

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