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Recent & Forthcoming Publications from UCA Researchers

In Alphabetical Order:

Danny Aldred and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé(eds) Code-X – Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen (bookRoom press 2015)  (£17) Foreword by Alessandro Ludovico and endnotes by John Warwicker.

Camille Baker (Editor), & Kate Sicchio (Editor) Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology (Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies) Dec 2016

Greig Burgoyne & Rossella Emanuelle WHITENOISE BOOKWORK  Marmalade Visual Theory London Limited edition of 250 copies. Project funded by ACE and UCA

Martin Charter, Lucy Chamberlin, Janet Gunter and Simon Kenton, 2016 Share & Repair Guide

Martin Charter & Scott Keiller, The Second Global Survey of Repair Cafés: A Summary of Findings May 2016 A report based on a survey of activities of Repair Cafés worldwide

Martin Charter & Scott Keiller Farnham Repair Café: Survey of Visitors & Volunteers, March 2016 The report highlights findings from a survey completed by The Centre for Sustainable Design into experiences of visitors & volunteers to Farnham Repair Café after its 1st year.

Jessica Kelly (Guest editor) Behind the Scenes: Anonymity and the Hidden Mechanisms of Design and Architecture Architecture and Culture
Vol. 6, Issue no. 1, March 2018

Dominic Lees and M.Sexton ‘Becoming Independent: Distribution After the Multiplex’ in Weinstein, Anna (ed)  Perform: Directing for the Screen, Abingdon: Focal Press - DUE 2017

Lesley Millar Here and Now Catalogue of the exhibition 'Here & Now: contemporary tapestry from Australia, Canada, Japan, Latvia, Norway, UK and USA.' 2017

Michal Miedzinski, Martin Charter, Asel Doranova, Johanna Castel, Laura Roman, Hywel Jones, Eleonora Zobol, July 2016 Updated version of 1st Edition of Eco-innovate! – a practical booklet for Eco-innovators covering business models, product/service development and optimising production processes – now incorporating new content on Circular Economy and innovation.

Terry Newman Legendary Authors & the Clothes They Wore - Harper Collins due June 2017 

Beth Richards, Martin Charter, Zoe Clegg and Scott Keiller Making it Work: A Reuse and Repair Toolkit for your Reuse Organisation, January 2016

Rebecca Skeels Soldering for Jewellers Paperback – 24 Apr 2017

Tijana Stevanović  & Sophie Read Overpainting as Temporal Drag Book of Abstracts p95 - 13th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference - Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies- Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (ed)  Rise with your class not from it -  Working Press: books by and about working class artists 1986 –1996. (bookRoom press 2016)  (£6)

Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Richard Sawdon Smith (ed) The book is alive! (RGAP  2013) (£15)              

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