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That's the end of that chapter, bring on the next!

New Designers Exhibition, London

So we all got the chance to take part in a exhibition in London!

Here I have taken pictures of some of the students' work that was on our stand.

 Contemporary Jewellery and Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery

Ceramic Rings by Nia Davies

Above are my twelve ceramic rings from my collection and below are my three resin necklaces from my collection.

Neck pieces by Nia Davies


Stella Leung, Neck pieces and brooches

Stella Leung, Neck pieces and brooches


Nicolle George, Neck pieces

Nicolle George, Neck pieces


Buse Aksay, Necklaces

Buse Aksay, Necklaces


Mary Temz, Necklaces

Mary Temz, Necklaces


Keana, Neck pieces

Keana, Neck pieces


Erin Bailey, Necklaces, brooch, earrings

Erin Bailey, Necklaces, brooch, earrings


Eira Marasco, Handheld objects

Eleanor Rooke, Silversmithing


Eleanor Rooke, Silversmithing

Eleanor Rooke, Silversmithing


UCA Fashion Textiles

It was nice to see another course from our University at the exhibition, their stand looked really professional. 

UCA Rochester at New Designers

There was some truly amazing talent at New Designers and it was so much fun exploring the exhibition and witnessing some amazing work.

Below are just some of the pieces of work from different universities that I came across that I really enjoyed...

What I liked about the exhibition was that it had such a mixture of courses. There was work from courses such as jewellery, applied arts, ceramics, textiles, fashion etc.

University work jewellery


University work jewellery 1 University work textiles


University work textiles 1

University work drawing

University work sculpture

University work fashion

University art fashion 1

Exhibition from above

Taking part in this exhibition was a really exciting experience. I managed to get two craft fair opportunities from it, which I'm very happy about.

It was also a great opportunity to see other students' work, to get a good idea of how to present your work professionally and to get some ideas in case another exhibition opportunity comes along.

Receiving positive feedback from people really helped with my confidence with my work, which I'm sure a lot of the other students would agree with too.

All in all it was a very positive experience and an end of an era!

However it is now the start of a new chapter in my life, which will hopefully start in Scotland.

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