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Creative Masterclasses 

We're offering KaMCOP students the opportunity to take part in a range of creative masterclasses. The masterclasses will be led by creative tutors and ambassadors on campus, in community spaces and in partner schools/colleges, and at flexible times, including during the weekends, evenings and holidays throughout the year. 

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Upcoming Masterclasses

Brand & Print Masterclass - Wednesday 14 February 2018, 10-4 - UCA Rochester - Years 9-13

Branding is a key factor in everyday life. Without realising it we often identify products by the logo or print design rather than the object itself! This workshop will explore the use of branding in the world of textiles and fashion. Students will design and produce their own brand logo, creating bold graphic prints which will later be applied to a t-shirt using hand-cut vinyl and heat presses. During the workshop students will explore their identity and how to portray themselves as a brand, before their final pieces are entered into our Alternative Selfie competition.

Apply for the Brand & Print Masterclass here before 31 January 2018!

Experimental Photography Masterclass - Thursday 15 February 2018, 10-4 - UCA Canterbury - Years 9-13

There are many ways of creating photographs, not all of which include using a camera! During this workshop students will experiment with cyanotypes and other camera-less photography methods before creating a zine to display their work. Students will be encouraged to think outside the box and their final pieces will be entered into our Alternative Selfie competition.

Apply for the Experimental Photography Masterclass here before 31 January 2018!

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