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Understanding the value of adopting safe working practices

At UCA, we believe that it's really important that health and safety is integrated into our courses. For students to understand the value of adopting safe working practices in order to achieve a final concept is critical in developing professional practice. For students to understand how a final piece can impact on the installation environment and audience demonstrates a holistic awareness.

The student health and safety induction process:

  • Students are directed to a H&S guide at the beginning of their first term. This covers general health and safety principles and expectations. The Health and Safety Manager and Resource Manager are responsible for compiling and issuing the handbook.
  • All course handbooks now include a health and safety statement.
  • A generic UCA Campus H&S Induction which explains the fire and first aid procedures, general safe working and housekeeping, arrangements for smoking, reporting incidents is presented.
  • Students are also provided with a Course induction given by a member of Academic Staff.
  • The next stage is for the Workshop and Studio H&S Inductions which are led by Technicians, in conjunction with Academic Staff.
  • The final induction stage is for specific processes inductions (i.e. use of equipment and machinery, hazardous substances), these inductions are undertaken by Technicians.

Students should be encouraged by Academic staff to undertake a Student Work/Project Risk Assessment particularly where their work is unusual, requires specific resources or uses new or experimental techniques or materials. Incorporating the requirements to consider risk as part of course projects/assessment supports the integration process. There have been lots of examples where the risk assessment process has enabled ambitious projects to be completed safely with the appropriate conversations and planning.

End of year shows also provide an opportunity for completion of the Student Work/Project Risk Assessment and these will normally be checked by the Show Organiser, Estates & Facilities Manager and Health & Safety Manager.

The Student Work Risk Assessment Form can be downloaded for students to complete prior to project work and end of year assessments.

Also see:

The Student Trips & Study Visit Procedure applies to all UK or overseas trip. The Student trips risk assessment form must be submitted for approval to the relevant Head of School (UK) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (for overseas travel).

Study Trip Advice to Students can be downloaded here.

There is also a link to a video called 'Stay Safe: Firearms & Weapons attack' from the National Police Chief council.

A guide to Health and Safety for students: Download the Student Health and Safety Handbook 

Health and Safety Induction for 2017/18: Download here

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