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  • The hidden job market

    According to research into how people get jobs, most roles are in fact not widely advertised but found through informal approaches and hearing about opportunities through the right contacts.

    In the creative sector, where businesses are often small and recruitment practices informal, making links with your chosen industry is seen as essential.

  • Effective networking

    The old cliché ‘It's not what you know but who you know’ is highly relevant to recruitment in the creative industries.

    Remember, the most effective networking is done alongside a career plan that includes:

    1. Learning about yourself.

    2. Choosing a career path.

    3. Identifying who you’ll need to meet.

    4. Planning your networking and making sure you create a positive first impression!


    Many students are initially unsure about how to meet and engage in a professional way, especially without much practice. Planning step by step what you will do is a good way to overcome nerves.


    Events can be a great way to break the ice. Choose the right ones to meet people and share ideas in your field of interest. You’ll enhance your visibility and knowledge and hear about opportunities. You’ll also get the chance to impress.

    Also look out for careers fairs designed to help employers to meet students and graduates - they are often a great source of jobs and advice.

  • Recruitment agencies

    Many careers are launched with the help of recruitment agencies. Their job is to match employers with suitable candidates. They can help match your skills to vacancies they source from employer clients. At their best, they offer something for everyone - short term, temporary and permanent jobs. At busy times they can even find work at short notice.

    Specialist creative recruiters exist across the board as well as generic agencies that provide office work, unskilled and entry level opportunities.

    Research what is on offer and identify agencies to approach.


    UCA Careers & Employability:

    • provides the listing of opportunities, employment agencies and job boards in good faith.
    • will update listings of employment agencies and job boards from time to time.
    • does not knowingly list any agency or job board that is known to contravene equal opportunities legislation.
    • advises all students and graduates to check whether an agency subscribes to a code of practice, such as that provided by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.
  • Social networking

    Social networking allows you to quickly promote work, get feedback, start dialogues with employers and is a research tool to begin to understand the industry. You might connect with people through social networking to break the ice before meeting face to face.

    Online Networks for Creatives:

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