A survey of UCA students in 2015, found that 72% of students wanted to learn more about sustainability and three fifths of students were amenable to the inclusion of sustainability in their courses.

Following a decision by UCA Academic Board in 2014/15, UCA’s Learning and Teaching Committee has had responsibility for the integration, over a two-year period, of Education for Sustainable Development in all course curricula.

An example of the guidance given to staff on the integration of ESD into their courses is provided on the UCA Learning and Teaching site.

Case Study: Art and Sustainability, Pippa Ward, UCA Undergraduate
“My work often involves the gathering, manipulating and arranging of materials; a combination of natural and man-made materials and objects. I look at the effect they have on each other, and particularly man’s inevitable impact on nature. In 2014 I started working with used plastics – bags, bottle tops and fishing line … all materials and objects that do untold damage to our environment if left to biodegrade on their own. They are disposable and ubiquitous materials with which we now have a love/hate relationship. We rely on them and at times we desire them, even though we know the damage they are causing and will continue to cause. The time I spend working and manipulating these plastics conjures up such opposing feelings … why elevate such an everyday item?  Why make them into something that is aesthetically pleasing? The degraded or discarded object calls to be given a second chance at existence and the repetitive and time-consuming methods I use allow me opportunity to consider their role. I enjoy working on projects that simultaneously attract and repel. For example, the bottle tops which hang in the gallery, mimicking nature … the tops were once created to attract and appeal; they soon became unwanted and repellant, and then in an artwork they are given a chance to help us question their existence. This theme can be found running through most of my work.”

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UCA Creative Education Strategy
UCA Sustainability Survey 2015


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